It is the responsibility of all members and visitors to ensure they read the buggy policy before use. This policy has been designed, not to spoil the enjoyment of your round, but to enhance it by keeping all members and visitors as safe as possible. Click here to view our Buggy Policy.


Woodlands Manor Golf Club is a member of Network.Golf.  This gives fully paid 5 or 7 day annual fee paying members the freedom to play at other clubs who are part of the Network Golf group. This does not include Lifestyle, Under 21, Off Peak and 9 Hole memberships.

Network members are issued with a ‘Network Golf Membership Card’. This card can only be used by the cardholder and it must show an expiry date and membership category.

Weekday bookings are permitted on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 08:30 and 15:29, free of charge.

Weekend bookings are permitted between 13:00 and 15:29 for a £25 Network Green Fee – the same fee applies whether 9 or 18 holes are being played.

A network member may play up to 5 times in the year for which the Network Membership Card is valid.

A minimum of 1 day notice is required for bookings. A maximum of 7 days notice is required for bookings.

The network member must announce they are Network Golf members at the start of the booking.

All Network players must produce a valid Network pass in order to be able to play FOC, otherwise the round will be chargeable either at guest rate of a valid Network player or the full visitor rate if no-one has a valid pass.

A network member may sign in up to 3 paying guests at the appropriate guest rate for their booking time.

Buggies may be hired at the normal visitor price.

Click here for full T&C’s of Network Golf.