We are open to all, subject to availability seven days a week.

We have a smart casual policy throughout the club. This has certain restrictions which must be observed by all players and guests.

On the course - strictly no jeans, tracksuit bottoms, football shirts or combat trousers. Smart golf attire and golf shoes are required.

Clubhouse - members and their guests will be allowed to wear smart denim, casual shirts may also be worn but should be tucked into trousers or shorts unless specifically designed as an over shirt.

No golf shoes allowed in the Clubhouse. If you have muddy shoes, please change them before entering the Clubhouse. 

The phrase "tee time" indicates the exact time you or your group will be on the 1st tee box ready to play golf. Be prepared to arrive at the Golf Course 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time to check in at the Golf Shop , organise buggies, get snacks and warm up etc.

We recommend booking a tee time as opposed to just turning up and asking to play, this is to ensure your group can get on to the Golf Course.

There are three ways to book a teetime -

Call and speak to one of our Golf Shop assistants - 01959 523806
Email golfshop@woodlandsmanorgolf.co.uk and request dates and time required.

Do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. If your group starts to lose sight of the group playing in front of you and the group playing behind you is right on your tail, let them "play through" as soon as it is convenient, on the next tee box preferably.

If you hit a wayward shot and it looks like it is heading in the general direction of other people, or you can't see the area where the ball will lands, always yell fore! Fore is the universal symbol for "duck" in golf, so players know to keep their head down or take cover. Safety is just as important as anything else on the Golf Course.

Keep quiet while other players are standing over their ball. Talking or laughing while other people are hitting can be distracting and is generally considered rude.

Leave the golf course as you find it. When you remove the pin from the hole, replace it. When you have to hit out of the bunker, rake the sand. If you take a large divot out of the fairway, replace the piece of grass.

Be kind and courteous to your fellow players, playing poorly or being bad tempered is not a good reason to ruin the day of the players around you.

Have fun, The more fun you have, the more relaxed you'll be, the better you'll play.

The Golf Shop       Summer    Weekends - 7:30am - 6pm     Weekdays    8am - 6pm
                                  Winter        Weekends - 7:30am - 5pm     Weekdays    8am - 5pm

The Clubhouse      Summer     8am - 6pm        
                                   Winter         8am - 4pm

Parking is available at the club and it is free