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Over 35 clubs included in your membership

By joining Woodlands Manor as an annual member you can have access at no extra cost to 35 other clubs as part of The Golf Club Network, making your membership at Woodlands one of the best membership packages available.

The Golf Club Network was founded in 1995 when a group of like-minded, independent golf clubs combined forces to provide reciprocal playing rights to all of their members.

The principal benefit for members of any of the Golf Club Network Clubs is to be able to play free midweek golf at any of the other clubs, with reduced guest fees payable on weekend afternoons.

The Golf Club Network gives both golf clubs and members the opportunity to take advantage of being part of a growing network of clubs across England.

The interest from new clubs to join The Golf Club Network continues to grow giving members an ever wider variety of enjoyable courses to choose from as a direct benefit of their membership.

Golf Clubs

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