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For golf lessons in Kent, choose Woodlands Manor Golf Club

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character”
Arnold Palmer
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Getting to grips with golf can seem a practice of hit and hope, trial and error. With my golf lessons in Kent, you can remove the guesswork and gain insight into the techniques you need to learn, and the habits you need to overcome, in order to progress.

Woodlands Manor Golf Club – Why this club, and why choose my golf lessons?

My golf lessons aren’t a quick fix nor a short term solution.
Evolving into a competent, independent golfer, demands tailored lessons that deliver valuable technical content to help you advance, all based on tried and tested methods. Fast, easy fixes usually end up creating new (and often more imposing) problems later on. For this, you need a permanent solution – one taught by someone who takes the coaching of better golfers seriously.

Golfing lessons for every level, age and member status

My golfing lessons are for everyone from the beginner to those with plus handicaps; I look after golfers aged 6 and upwards (my most seasoned pupil is 81); and my coaching is also accessible for non-members.
My transformative golf lessons are informal, enjoyable and memorable (who said golfing lessons had to be devoid of fun and humour, anyway?).

Benefit from experience and expertise

I provide expertise in assessing and advancing my pupils’ swing mechanics, movement patterns and principles, training disciplines and drills, course management, chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and strength. This provides for all-encompassing golfing lessons that are able to address issues and establish consistently excellent play.

Free practice balls – swing without fear of fees

If you’re just beginning your research on golf lessons in Kent, I’ll let you in on a secret: some golf clubs charge for balls. I don’t. Never have, never will.

Versatile golfing lessons

I provide individual, one-to-one coaching for 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions and 120 minute on course lessons. I also offer coaching for Groups, Clinics, Corporate and Charity Golf Days.

Playing lessons focus on your overall play and management of the course
Range lessons concentrate on the way in which you hit the ball

About Me – Phil Womack

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I achieved Golf Pro level in 1994, the same year as I became a PGA professional. I have helped thousands of golfers of all abilities and all ages. My golf lessons in Kent are based on one principal – that in order to play golf differently, you must think differently. This school of thought can be applied in many realms, from sports to habits in everyday life. This is what my ‘Train your Brain’ session achieves such impressive results.

Today, I remain as passionate as I have ever been about my role as a golfing coach. I thrive on transforming my students from novice to intermediate, and on to talented players; yet this isn’t to say that many of my students are blessed with tremendous natural talent, but even those require coaching to direct their talent to better scoring.

The difference between a beginner and a talented player is the quality of coaching. It is as simple as that. Even with two left hands and little spatial awareness, with time, and insightful, bespoke coaching, every golfer can advance.

I’m always learning and investing in my own professional development – searching out new ideas, techniques and knowledge, so this can be shared with my students, for their progression.

Coaching packages and prices

As a student of mine, you look forward to absolute flexibility in how you wish to book your lessons. You’re free to book single sessions, although the following coaching packages have been designed to foster optimal results.

Ready to begin your golf lessons in Kent?

Then we should begin with an assessment.
As a golfer, you are unique. You will have very different requirements as compared to the next player – and so my lessons target your individual needs for permanent progression. Because of this my initial assessment of your needs is a critical first step towards improved technique, lowered handicaps and becoming a better golfer.
But don’t worry – this is a relaxed 1 hour session during which we’ll run through each type of shot (from a 1ft putt right up to the Driver); this provides the ideal opportunity for me to assess and analyse your current challenges and will serve as the perfect starting point from which I can develop a program that’s about to deliver real improvements, quickly.

Please call 01959 523806 or email alternatively please complete this form and I’ll call you back asap.

Ask yourself – what do you want to gain from your golf lessons in Kent?

The coach/pupil relationship works best when I gain complete clarity as to what you’re looking for from your lessons. The following questions will help you firm up some answers so we can get off to a great start.

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  • What would you like to improve?
  • What would you love to stop doing?
  • How do to assess your standard of golf (Score, Friends, Internal Idea)?
  • What target(s) do you have?
  • What do you enjoy most about playing golf?
  • How much effort and time can you put aside in order to improve?
  • Which way do you learn best (listening, seeing, trying or reading)?


You may have some of your own – if so, simply get in touch and let’s talk about your training and just what you’re going to be able to achieve with expert golf lessons.

Please call 01959 523806 or email alternatively please complete this form and I’ll call you back asap.

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